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Mark Fasciano

Leadership & Entrepreneurship

When it comes to leadership, Mark Fasciano has a lot to say. He has built several successful tech start-ups from scratch, served on a variety of impactful boards, and inspired large teams of employees. But to Mark leadership is not simply a job title or level of authority; it is a way of being that cuts across all spheres of life and brings out the best in everyone he touches.

In addition to an open mind and a nurturing heart, Mark has the ability to easily connect with people of all backgrounds and job descriptions—from prominent investors, to scientists and engineers, to sales and support staff. Mark’s never-ending desire to keep learning and growing means that he creates positive work environments where his teams can do the same. His curiosity and passion extend well beyond business and technology and into the arts, literature and philosophy, the physical and social sciences, and health and fitness. This focus on developing and valuing the whole person has won Mark many loyal fans.

Mark Fasciano first realized his leadership potential after earning his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Chicago. Wanting to capitalize on the growing internet industry, Mark and a grad school buddy built the earliest-to-market web content management system, FatWire Software, in a bedroom of his parent’s house. As CEO of FatWire, Mark raised $35M in capital and expanded the business to over 400 customers around the world, including Bank of America, General Motors, and Apple Inc. The company grew to over $40 million in revenue and was eventually bought by Oracle.
After FatWire, Mark Fasciano co-founded and ran a variety of mission-driven tech companies. Of particular note is Crowdster, one of the first peer-to-peer fundraising platforms, which raised over $60 million for hundreds of charitable causes. With the co-founding of Clarapath, Mark first ventured into the biotech sector. He was driven by Clarapath’s mission to automate and digitize the processing of biopsy tissue for pathologists, thereby helping patients get faster and more accurate diagnoses.

After Clarapath was bought by Northwell Health, Mark applied this same drive to his current role: co-founder and CEO of Rover Diagnostics. Rover aims to address the nation’s shortage of infectious disease testing that has become abundantly clear to all as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Rover uses groundbreaking technology from Columbia University to perform ultrafast and reliable diagnostic tests.

In addtion to running Rover, Mark is a long-time member of the Board of Directors of Overseas Military Sales Corporation, a private international auto distributor that primarily serves military personnel overseas. Mark acts as a regular sounding board for OMSC’s CEO and facilitates strategic planning sessions with the management team. As Strategic Advisor to TalentWell Partners, Mark assists the CEO with start-up strategy and technology roadmaps. For Young President’s Organization (YPO), an international community of accomplished business leaders, Mark has served as Education Chair and Chapter Chair, and he is currently Membership Chair of the Big Apple Gold chapter. YPO’s emphasis on personal growth, inclusivity, and trust align perfectly with Mark’s own values.

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